It's been a long time..

2015-04-12 22:08:08 by NuKeMOuT

Hello everyone,

I just want to thank everyone for all the support over the years and I want to give an update.  I've been on a prolonged hiatus from uploading new content due to severe writer's block and other personal issues.  BUT, I'm working on some new content and will try my best to complete it and share it with all of you.  In the meantime, check out my SoundCloud archive; I have my completed work as well as a few unreleased / incomplete tracks there as well.

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2010-03-17 04:55:47 by NuKeMOuT

I really appreciate all of the great support I have received so far since I began posting on NG. However, as I am sure most are familiar with this situation, some feel inclined to drop zeros on my songs without any criticism. I watched Paragon drop from 4.10 to 4.06, in 2 votes, while having almost 1000 votes so far. I am not trying to make a petty argument. In fact, I am making a positive experience out of it, for you are the inspiration for my next song that I am currently working on. Kudos for throwing the gas in my fire, zero bombers :P.


What I use.

2010-02-27 14:04:50 by NuKeMOuT

I figure it is time to let the cat out of the bag, and tell you all what hardware and software I use.


Yamaha Motif ES rack
Muse Receptor (rev. C)
TC Helicon VoiceOne

(MIDI, Sampling)
Korg Kaoss Pad 3 (KP3)
Korg Kaoss Pad 2 (KP2)
Korg Kaossilator (KL1)
Korg MiniKP
Boss Dr. Sample (SP-303)
Evolution MK-461C 61 Key midi controller
M-Audio Radium 49 midi controller
M Audio MidiSport 8x8/s

Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder
MXL USB.006 Condenser Mic
M-Audio Delta 1010
M-Audio Delta 1010LT
Mackie DFX 12 Mixer

FL Studio 9
Korg DS-10 (Nintendo DS)
JR Hexatone (iPhone OS)
Argon (iPhone OS)
KAOSS editor
...and a wide assortment of VST, DXi plugins


2009-03-30 03:01:51 by NuKeMOuT

Sorry for the delay on the new songs, life has its lovely hurdles to jump over. More is coming soon I assure you all. Keep listening and thanks once again for all the great reviews!

Thank you!

2009-02-23 22:28:33 by NuKeMOuT

Thanks to everyone for your support! I'm working hard to get more songs written and posted as soon as possible. I should have a second song up in a week or two from now.